AppMozart is a venture studio and technical solutions company based in the San Francisco Bay Area. We are a bunch of nerds who set out to make a dent in the universe with our superpowers. Our team has deep experience both in the research realm of academia and the practical realm of the industry.

Since 2016, we have been helping businesses of all sizes through our technical consulting services. In 2019, we decided to merge our product and consulting business together to form AppMozart. We also run a venture studio program where we help entrepreneurs launch and spin-out product-driven businesses. 


Ishan Mani Subedi
Managing Partner

Ishan leads all aspect of technology at AppMozart. He is also a Ph.D. candidate in the field of Natural Language Processing and Requirement Engineering. 

Suyash Adhikary
Managing Partner

Suyash is a Project Manager at AppMozart. Previously, he was a frontend developer at Viscera. He loves agile project management.

Manas Mudbari
Managing Partner

Manas is a wearer of multiple hats and startup junkie having worked at or founded multiple startups. He likes to do everything from marketing to data analytics.

Shailaza Dhakal
Senior Project Manager

Shailaza is a Senior Project Manager at AppMozart. She works directly with our clients to make sure that the project gets completed on time. She has a Masters in Technical Project Management and experience working on product teams at Wells Fargo, Great American Insurance Group and Equinix.  

Bipana Shrestha
Junior Developer

Bipana is a Junior Frontend Developer with a Computer Engineering degree. She is very interested in full-stack development and always enthusiastic about learning new technical skills and interacting with people from different cultures.