Product Development

Our product development process involves more than coding. We take the product development life cycle very seriously by implementing a rigorous process from start to finish.

Our Process

  • Requirement Gathering

    • This process involves converting the Scope of Work into detailed traceable
      requirements or User Stories. Requirements are then analyzed by the team
      to define a baseline. Once the requirements are signed off by clients and
      all the stakeholders, it is handed off to the design
      team for mock design creation.

  • Analysis & Design

    • Requirements are analyzed per our client’s industry standards and
      regulatory framework and then converted into designs and architecture.
      This phase is crucial to identify potential risks and implement risk
      mitigation strategies. Once the designs & architecture are ready, we
      hand it over to coding or prototyping to our development team.

  • Development

    • We use an agile methodology to do the coding while sharing work
      updates on a milestone basis. We also have a weekly standup meeting
      with clients to go over any questions the development team might have.

  • Testing & Deployment

    • We do both automated and manual testing to discover bugs on the
      development server and local computer. We try to cover all known
      edge cases in the testing phase. Once we see the system is in good
      place, we deploy it to the live server.

  • Maintenance

    • However, we are not done yet. Good software requires continuous
      maintenance as it scales. We make sure your software is functioning at a
      critical moment.

Project Management

We assign a dedicated project manager for each product that we develop who is responsible for understanding
your requirements and guiding the project throughout the process by creating a detailed roadmap and sprint

Scalable Architecture

We know products can scale. The same system and infrastructure that was working with 1000 users might not
usually handle 1 million users. We understand how a system can scale and develop product architecture so that
something that was suitable for a few users scales to any number of users.

Risk Management

Any type of software development projects involves risk. We make sure to asses any risk involved with post
product deployment and come up with a risk management strategy to mitigate any unforeseen circumstances.


One of our final deliverables includes documentation on all the work performed which also outlines risk
management strategies associated with the developed product.


Any company developing product needs to think in terms of scale. A small startup might grow to cater millions of users in a short period or outgrow the current sets of features. Rather than rewrite the whole application as the product needs grow, creating a scalable product architecture will help them visualize and anticipate necessary growth and strategize the product roadmap accordingly.

Similarly, a large enterprise with a massive system might have a different set of requirements, and developing a new application will require detailed analysis and design of the product architecture. Depending on the type of industry, large enterprises are bound by various policies and regulation where sensitive data needs careful protection. E.g. a new healthcare software integrating with Electronic Health Record need to make sure it follows HL7 or better yet FHIR standard. A detailed architecture needs to address these scenarios and come up with a practical strategy through architecture analysis, design, evaluation, and evolution.

Data & Artificial Intelligence

Implementing artificial intelligence within a business requires a well-thought-out data strategy. We not only help you develop an artificial intelligence-driven application but also come up with a robust data acquisition, training and validation strategy.

Also, we provide an algorithm Research & Development service that can be delivered as a standalone script to your code repository or as a packaged API driven engine deployed on a server.

Mobile App Code Security

Kavach Shielding

Android and iOS apps can be easily compromised by malicious hackers using simple reverse engineering techniques. A badly written application opens up various security vulnerability in the source code whereby hackers can extract sensitive information such as API keys or harvest credentials.

Our Kavach shielding technology will scan through your mobile application to figure out vulnerabilities and provide a necessary solution to mitigate the inherent security risk.

Automation & Integration


Digital process automation is the practice of digitizing your processes and systems, then automating information transfer to allow everyone free access to anything they might need to know or use.

We help keep your systems up to date so that your team can do their job without having to wait for an information update.


Today data exists in different silos. We help your organization integrate data from various sources and applications with ease.

We can connect both legacy system with newer technology stacks with industry-standard protocols both on-premise and in the cloud.